Welcome to Love. Pray. Serve! I’m so glad you are here. It is my sincere desire to help you discover contentment and stillness through spiritual guidance and practical tools.

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Hello and Welcome!

I’m so glad you wanted to know more about me!

I’m probably just like you.

I’m the girl-next-door who loves with her whole heart. I want to do what’s right by God, my husband, my family, and my friends. I love going to church, spending time with God, and writing to inspire others.

I’m a wife of 23 years, mom to triplets, teacher, cook, laundry-doer, and amateur veterinarian to a Lab with insulin-dependent diabetes.

I love football (probably a little TOO much), traveling with my family, and playing golf.

I’m also a daughter, sister, and friend.  Most importantly, however, I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

I hope you see yourself in my writing, and I pray my writing touches you in some way.

I don’t claim to know it all, but this is life as I know it! 

With His Love,

Jill C. Power

My Greatest Blessings from God

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Trusting God with the Endings

Trusting God with the Endings

Lockers are being cleaned out, graduation invitations are traveling through the mail, and students are breathing a long sigh of relief. The smell of summer is in the air as another school year comes to a close. Tomorrow will be our kids’ last day in elementary school....

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Indoor Challenge Olympics

Indoor Challenge Olympics

I'm always looking for inventive ways to keep our kids off of video games. When our triplets invited two friends over to spend the night, and with rain in the forecast, I had to act quickly.  I rummaged through our closet of board games to come up with some ideas....

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Not What I Had Pictured

Not What I Had Pictured

I walked into the high school gym of a 6A school, and instantly began scanning the rows of bleachers in search of a place to sit. The crowd was buzzing, and there was a high level of excitement in the room. The many different teams were represented by groupings of...

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