I pulled the mail from my school mailbox and flipped through it as I walked back to my classroom. Found within the usual school mail–paperwork, forms, and catalogs–was a brown envelope with my name handwritten on the front.

Real mail!

My heart jumped.

Inside the envelope was this beautiful card containing a handwritten note. My heart swelled at the words, “…light in my life…an amazing prayer partner….I appreciate you…”

I sat down at my desk, and reread the words of my friend. This card would definitely go into my special file at home.

You see, 15 years ago when I was a principal, a coworker suggested I create a file folder to keep special notes and letters. “And when you have a hard day, you can look back and read the kind words people say about you.” I can assure you, on more than one rough day, I have looked back through that folder to read the comforting words of friends.

The uplifting words given to by us to others have a power that isn’t diminished by time. And for some reason, they seem even more meaningful when written down…by hand.

You know who else wrote letters to encourage his friends? Paul.

Any of these containing letters sound familiar?





In the beginning of Philippians, Paul writes, I thank God in every remembrance of you, always offering every prayer of mine with joy for all of you.

That sure is a sentiment I would save in my special file.

The letters from Paul that make up the majority of the New Testament are just as valuable to us now as they were to the early Christians. They are already contained in a special file, and we can read them over and over again when we need encouragement and direction in our lives.

The card from my friend today, and the letters from Paul, challenge me to do a better job of writing notes of encouragement to others. Therefore, I’m issuing you a challenge as well!

Over this next week, will you hand write a note to someone in your life and actually mail it? I mean buy a stamp and everything!

Of the many things God taught me over the last year, the preciousness of time is the lesson I am holding on to the most.

I can’t wait to hear how your kind words impact others!  

In Him,


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