I walked into the high school gym of a 6A school, and instantly began scanning the rows of bleachers in search of a place to sit. The crowd was buzzing, and there was a high level of excitement in the room. The many different teams were represented by groupings of parents decked out in school colors. I could feel the level of anticipation for the upcoming competition.

After a short introduction by the tournament director, the first groups of kids came out onto the court. Parents began cheering loudly as students took their places.

What are you picturing? A basketball game or perhaps volleyball? 

Nope. Hundreds of parents and sponsors were there, in a basketball gymnasium, cheering for robots.

I started giggling to myself. Never in my wildest dreams of parenting did I picture myself at a robotics competition. Honestly, I didn’t even know they existed. 

And when little Avery Power walked onto the court with her team, I yelled for her, and the robot they had spent months creating and programming. I was amazed at how her group of 4th-5th graders would go to the back and make adjustments to their robot in between challenges. Any adult, even the school sponsors, were prohibited from having any contact with the kids until the tournament was over. They had to problem solve all by themselves. Wow! They had to work together and figure it out. What an amazing life lesson!

When I was pregnant with the triplets, I pictured exactly what they would be like. I pictured Avery’s dark hair, and I pictured big, strong boys. I was certain she would be a cheerleader and the boys would love football. They would be athletic like John and I were in school, and they would like the same things we liked. 

God, however, didn’t create who I thought I wanted them to be. God created who HE needed them to be.

Avery would die a slow death if she was a cheerleader–she hates being the center of attention. None of them really like sports, except for golf. They don’t watch football for hours like John and I both did as kids (I even kept stats!), and none of them are naturally athletic. 

I praise God for how He made them, however, because they are amazing humans. They have taught John and I so much about the things they enjoy in life, and we have tried to help them discover and cultivate those interests. (Don’t get me wrong…it isn’t always EASY for us. When we took the kids to Pittsburgh to watch a home Steeler’s game, the kids told us the best part of the trip was going to the Carnegie Science Museum.)

As I look back over my life seeing the triplets become who God created them to be, it is just another example of how life is not how I pictured it. I never pictured that I would be a mom to triplets, or that a mom-car would be my preferred mode of transportation. I never pictured an ideal Saturday night would be cuddled up with my family watching a movie together in the living room, or that my idea of fashion is whatever is most comfortable. 

Through all the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, this life that God has created for me is WAY better than anything I could have dreamed up on my own. 

I’m also extremely thankful our kids aren’t like us. They are so much better.

In Him,











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